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* prices may differ per color of capsicum




Vitamins, flavour & Yummy

Capsicums are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin B6 in general. Capsicums are high in folate. Red capsicums have a higher vitamin C content than the other colours, and both red and orange capsicums contain vitamin A. The various colours are caused by a variety of carotenoids.

Ideal for most recipes

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The prices provided are for each capsicum

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We are a small family-owned, and operated business serving the local community with fresh produce and quality deli products for the last 18 years. Our only goal is to give our customers the best experience, we like to do this with the following:

  • Making things easy to order
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Offer Click and Collect
  • Put love into every order
  • Inform you on the value of the products you purchase

Same Day / Next Day Delivery

  • Auckland order before 10 am for same day delivery, otherwise next day*
  • Hamilton, Whangarei & Tauranga order before 10 pm for next day delivery
  • Currently only operating in selected areas
  • *Courier does not deliver on Sundays (contact us directly for special case)

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